Anderson .Paak :: Malibu
Paavoharju :: Laulu Laakson Kukista
Roy Paci & Aretuska :: Parola D’Onore
Roy Paci & Aretuska :: Suonoglobal
The Paddingtons :: First Comes First / Dogs :: Turn Against This Land
Pain of Salvation :: Scarsick
The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart :: The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart
The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart :: Belong
The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart :: The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart
The Pains of Being Pure at Heart :: Belong
Paint Fumes :: Uck Life
Chuck Paisley :: Where The Doves Bark
Pajo :: Pajo
Palehound :: Dry Food
Pallbearer :: Foundations of Burden
Owen Pallet :: Heartland
Owen Pallett :: Heartland
Nerina Pallot :: Fires
Palma Violets :: 180
Palma Violets :: Danger In The Club
Palmbomen II :: Memories Of Cindy
Amanda Palmer :: Who Killed Amanda Palmer
Amanda Palmer :: Who Killed Amanda Palmer?
Amanda Palmer & The Grand Theft Orchestra :: Theatre Is Evil
Amanda Palmer & Edward Ka-Spel :: I Can Spin A Rainbow
Amanda Palmer :: There Will Be No Intermission
Palms :: Palms
Palomine :: Get The Luxurious Big Bath Size
Palomine :: Get the Luxurious Big Bath Size!
Pampers :: Pampers
Pan American :: White Bird Release
Panda Bear :: Person Pitch
Panda Bear :: Tomboy
Panda Bear :: Person Pitch
Panda Bear :: Tomboy
Panda Bear :: Mr. Noah
Panda Bear :: Panda Bear Meets The Grim Reaper
Panda Bear :: Buoys
Panic At The Disco :: Pretty. Odd.
Pantaleimon :: Cloudburst
Pantaleimon :: Mercy Oceans
Pantha du Prince :: Black Noise
Pantha Du Prince :: Black Noise
Pantha du Prince & The Bell Laboratory :: Elements Of Light
Panthers :: Things Are Strange
Paon :: Paon EP
Papa M :: Hole Of Burning Alms
Papa M :: Highway Songs
The Paper Chase :: Now You Are One Of Us
Paper Route Gangstaz :: Fear And Loathing In Hunts Vegas
Papercuts :: Can’t Go Back
Paperweight :: Snails Of April
Paradise Lost :: Paradise Lost
Paradise Lost :: Paradise Lost
Paradise Lost :: Faith Divides Us, Death Unites Us
Paramore :: Brand New Eyes
Paramount Styles :: Failure American Style
Paramount Styles :: Heaven's Alright
Paranoiacs :: Love Junks
Pareidolia :: Selon Le Vent
John Parish :: Once Upon A Little Time
John Parish :: Bird Dog Dante
Parkay Quarts :: Content Nausea
Evan Parker Electroacoustic Ensemble :: Hasselt
William Parker :: I Plan To Stay A Believer :: The Inside Songs Of Curtis Mayfield
William Parker Organ Quartet :: Uncle Joe’s Spirit House
Farmers By Nature :: Out Of This World’s Distortions
William Parker / Raining On The Moon :: Great Spirit
William Parker feat. Lisa Sokolov & Cooper-Moore :: Stan’s Hat Flapping In The Wind
Parov Stelar :: The Demon Diaries
Parquet Courts :: Light Up Gold / Tally All The Things That You Broke
Parquet Courts :: Sunbathing Animal
Parquet Courts :: Wide Awake!
Parquet Courts :: Human Performance
Part Chimp :: Thriller
The Partchesz :: The Partchesz
The Parting Gifts :: Strychnine Dandelion
2 x Hypertension Records :: Partisan + VVOVNDS
Jonah Parzen-Johnson :: Michiana
Passenger :: All The Little Lights
Passion Pit :: Manners
Passion Pit :: Manners
Patterson Hood :: Murdering Oscar
Mike Patton :: A Perfect Place
Mike Patton :: Mondo Cane
Paul Simon :: Stranger To Stranger
Harris Newman/Mauro Antonio Pawlowksi :: Harris Newman/Mauro Antonio Pawlowksi
Mauro Pawlowski & The Grooms :: Ghost Rock (EP)
Per W/Pawlowski :: Insider/Outsider
Pawlowski, Trouvé & Ward :: Volume 2
The Pax Cecilia :: Blessed Are The Bonds
Tom Paxton :: Boat In The Water
Peaches :: Impeach My Bush
Peaches :: Fatherfucker
Peaches :: I Feel Cream
Peaches :: Impeach my Bush
Peaches :: I Feel Cream
Peaking Lights :: 936
Peaking Lights :: 936