The B-52’s :: Funplex
B.Fleischmann :: The Humbucking Coil
B/B/S/ :: Brick Mask
Duo Baars-Henneman :: Autumn Songs
Reinier Baas :: Smooth Jazz Apocalypse
Babian :: Halften Dor Av Fetma
Babils :: The Joint Between
Baby Dee :: Safe Inside The Day
Baby Fire :: No Fear
Babymetal :: Babymetal
Babyshambles :: The Blinding
Babyshambles :: Shotter’s Nation
Babyshambles :: Down In Albion
Babyshambles :: Oh! What A Lovely Tour
Babyshambles :: Down in Albion
Babyshambles :: The Blinding EP
Babyshambles :: Shotter’s Nation
Babyshambles :: Sequel To The Prequel
Backini :: Re :: creation
Bad Brains :: Build A Nation
A Bad Diana :: The Lights Are On But No-One’s Home
The Bad Plus :: Never Stop
The Bad Plus :: It’s Hard
Bad Religion :: New Maps Of Hell
Bad Religion :: True North
Bad Statistics :: Static
BadBooshBand :: The Best Of
Badenhorst - Peck :: The Salt Of Deformation
Joachim Badenhorst :: 2 x Klein: Nachtigall & Sparrow Mountain
Joachim Badenhorst :: Forest//Mori
Celano / Badenhorst / Baggiani :: Lili & Marleen
Badgerlore :: We Are All Hopeful Farmers, We Are All Sacred Rabbits
Badly Drawn Boy :: Born In The U.K.
Badly Drawn Boy :: Have You Fed The Fish?
Badly Drawn Boy :: One Plus One Is One
Badly Drawn Boy :: It’s What I’m Thinking, Pt. 1 - Photographing Snowflakes
Erykah Badu :: New AmErykah Pt. One :: 4th World War
Erykah Badu :: New Amerykah Part 1 :: 4th World War
Joan Baez :: Bowery Songs
Joan Baez :: Whistle Down The Wind
Baga-Baga :: Shabda
Corinne Bailey Rae :: The Sea
Jessica Bailiff :: Feels Like Home
Jessica Bailiff :: Old Things
Jessica Bailiff & Annelies Monsere :: Untitled E.P.
R.O.T. :: Avioth

Jessica Bailiff :: At The Down-Turned Jagged Rim Of The Sky
Meg Baird :: Dear Companion
Meg Baird :: Dear Companion
Aram Bajakian :: There Were Flowers Also In Hell
Bajofondo :: Mar Dulce
Aidan Baker :: Lost In The Rat Maze
Aidan Baker :: Lost in the Rat Maze
Aidan Baker / thisquietarmy :: Hypnodrone Ensemble
Ginger Baker :: Why?
Julien Baker :: Turn Out The Lights
Sam Baker :: Land Of Doubt
bal des boiteux :: Small House, Wide Open View
Balkan Beat Box :: Nu Med
Balkan Beat Box :: Blue Eyed Black Boy
Balkan Beat Box :: Give
Ballet School :: The Dew Lasts An Hour
Ballister :: Mi Casa Es En Fuego
Ballister :: Slag
Ballroomquartet :: Soundmanifest
Ballroomquartet :: Ballroomquartet
Balmorhea :: Constellations
Balmorhea :: Constellations
Baloji :: Hotel Impala
Frantz Loriot Notebook Large Ensemble/Solo :: Urban Furrow & Reflections On An Introspective Path
Balthazar :: Applause
Balthazar :: Applause
Balthazar :: Rats
Balthazar :: Thin Walls
Balthazar :: Fever
Bambara :: Shadow On Everything
The Bamboo Kids :: Feel Like Hell
The Bamboo Kids :: The Way Things Are
Band Of Horses :: Everything All The Time
Band Of Horses :: Cease To Begin
Band Of Horses :: Infinite Arms
Band of Horses :: Cease to Begin
Band Of Horses :: Mirage Rock
Band of Horses :: Acoustic At The Ryman
Band Of Horses :: Why Are You Ok
Band Of Skulls :: Baby Darling Doll Face Honey
Band of Skulls :: Baby Darling Doll Face Honey
Bang Gang :: Something Wrong
Devendra Banhart :: Smokey Rolls Down Thunder Canyon
Devendra Banhart :: Rejoicing In The Hands/Niño Rojo
Devendra Banhart :: Cripple Crow
Devendra Banhart :: What Will We Be
Devendra Banhart :: Cripple Crow
Devendra Banhart :: Smokey Rolls Down Thunder Canyon
Banks :: Goddess
Banks :: The Altar
Paul Banks :: Banks
Les Banquets Nomades :: Afora
The Baptist Generals :: Jackleg Devotional To The Heart
Banquet Of The Spirits :: Caym :: Book Of Angels Volume 17
Carl Barât :: Carl Barât